About Us

Optimal nutrition is the medicine of tomorrow
- Dr. Linus Pauling – Nobel Peace Prize Winner

abtusThe dictionary defines the term “Biosis” as “life”; in a general sense.

Its origin comes from the Greek word “Biosis”, or way of life, to live, or from bios, life….and that is exactly the type of healthcare we strive to provide here at Biosis.

Our philosophy is life, health & vitality rather than just symptomatic relief from symptoms with pharmaceutical medications that often come with dangerous side effects.

Biosis Healthcare Center provides exceptional comprehensive care to people from Canada, USA and around the world.

Finally, Canadians have access to a pioneering approach to healthcare unlike any other. From advanced iris diagnostic analysis and nutritional assessments, to specialized and personalized lifestyle wellness plans, by getting to the root cause of disease; only Biosis Healthcare Center provides this level of comprehensive holistic healthcare aimed at improving your overall health – in so many ways.

Biosis Healthcare Center has a committed team of highly skilled practitioner’s who share a common goal that is both simple, yet revolutionary; to address all of your health concerns and provide you with the full attention you deserve.

At Biosis you can feel confident knowing you are receiving one of the highest levels of health care available to not only restore wellness, but also to prevent illness before it comes.

Our highly trained team ensures that each individual receives the personal one on one exceptional service you’d expect.

Biosis is a one stop healthcare center offering a unique variety of services, which allows us to meet each of our client’s unique and specific healthcare needs.

Please call us today for more information on how we can help you overcome even the most challenging health conditions.

“Those who disregard the Laws of Heaven and Earth have a lifetime of calamities, while those who follow the Laws remain free from dangerous illnesses.” – Old Chinese Proverb