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Complementary and Adjunct Cancer Therapies

Every year millions of people are diagnosed with this serious condition which is not a disease as much as it is a symptom that the body is no longer able to regulate cellular homeostasis.
Cancer is often caused by the combination of nutrient deficiencies and the limit of toxicity that the body can tolerate results in mutagenic changes to our DNA, abnormal cell replication and thus cancer.

The Concept of Cancer Development

Most people are surprised to find out that you don’t catch cancer, you build it! Most people are surprised to find out that it takes 20 years to build a cancer.  90% of cancers are due to environmental toxins and nutritional deficiencies.

Malignant tumors do not develop in a healthy body with intact defense and repair functions. They grow in a specific internal environment which develops as a consequence of multiple factors and conditions.

The optimal approach to cancer attends to both the tumor and the tumor host, ie.: the cancer afflicted person as a whole. Standard cancer treatment is based on the “localistic” concept that views the malignant tumor as the beginning of a disease which progressively spreads throughout the body. The holistic concept views cancer as a systemic disease from the onset and the tumor as its late stage symptom. This concept, therefore, calls for a holistic strategy in order to achieve optimal treatment results. Based on the holistic concept, the treatment has two main lines of approach to cancer which complement each other:

Medical Treatment

A. Treatment aiming at the removal or reduction of the tumor: (ie.) conventional medicine.  This is achieved through surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and hormone therapy.

Complementary Treatment

B. Non-specific immunobiological basic treatment aimed at the restoration of the impaired defense, repair and regulatory functions of the tumor host.  (ie) Holistic Medicine -treating the root cause and repairing the terrain in which the cancer developed in the first place.

The basic treatment is modified to suit each individual patient’s needs which includes:

  • Elimination of all possible exogenous (external) and endogenous (internal) causal factors that may lead to an impairment of the immune functions and may contribute to a transformation of symbiotic microorganisms into pathogens.
  • Malnutrition to be replaced by a diet designed to meet the special needs with supplementation of vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, trace elements, enzymes.
  • Abnormal bacterial intestinal flora to be normalized by diet and long term administration probiotic cultures.
  • Head foci of infection such as dental (root canal etc) to be removed by surgical intervention.
  • Psychic stress to be relieved by psychological guidance, in single and group therapy, biofeedback, relaxation techniques, meditation, visualization.
  • Physical therapy, hydrotherapy, breathing techniques, massage, lymph drainage etc.
  • Activation of cellular respiration by oxygen-ozone therapy in various forms,
  • Detoxification, i.e. elimination of toxins by activation of liver and kidney function assisted by herbal extracts and high fluid intake, colon hydrotherapy, enemas, enzyme therapy and homeopathy among others.

In addition to your medical treatment, proper diet and specific food choices along with the elimination of cancer-causing materials from our external world, as well as; our internal organs is critical to the successful treatment of all types of cancer.

We employ a combination of the latest clinically validated treatments involving detoxification, proper nutrition and supplementation along with the most effective natural therapies available to bring about relief to our cancer patients.

We have even succeeded in bringing about remission of the disease in certain patients who are now leading happy lives under our advice and supervision. If you or someone you know is suffering from cancer, contact us to find out about the many extremely effective alternative treatments currently available for your particular condition.