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Health Programs and Protocols

At Biosis Healthcare Center our approach to your health and wellbeing are very different from the traditional medical model because our exclusive preventative assessments are just the beginning of the vast solution-oriented services that we offer.

As one of Canada’s leading healthcare centers, we also provide year-round follow-up and individualized wellness programs. We custom tailor comprehensive health protocols according to what your body requires to enhance your everyday well-being by integrating holistic health and lifestyle solutions.  As a result, the Biosis Healthcare can enable you to restore your health to a new level.

Assessment services

Our custom tailored health programs for the whole family begin with a comprehensive health assessment including;

  • extensive & detailed review of all medical & family history
  • review of all medications
  • review of all medical reports including blood work, ultrasound, CT scans, x-rays etc.
  • medical symptoms
  • iridology assessment
  • general fitness assessment
  • complete dietary assessment
  • comprehensive nutritional assessment
  • physical assessment of various body parts including your oral health, spinal health, and more.

We offer the most in-depth comprehensive health analysis of your medical, dietary and lifestyle in order to discover your specific health needs. We also provide various lab assessment services if required to detect any other contributor factors to your health challenges including food allergy testing, heavy metal testing, live blood cell analysis and saliva hormone testing among others.

Post-Assessment Services – Year-Round Commitment to Your Health

 Unlike other healthcare providers, after the completion of your initial assessment, you will meet with our advisory team to review and better understand your assessment results.  At that time you will receive a personalized protocol designed to help you achieve your health goals.  Once you start your program, we’re with you every step of the way to support and guide you on your journey back to health.

For more information see our “Health Assessment Packages” section or call us to discuss your particular health needs today!