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Lab Assessment Services  links Iridology analysis consists of taking a simple, non-invasive picture of the eyes (iris) with a specialized camera that allows us to discover why various current health challenges exist and prevent those which may occur in the future.

Iris analysis tells you the location of the tissue weakness, the depth or the seriousness of the condition and the anticipated length of time it takes to restore that particular tissue back to health. No other diagnostic available can determine this with such accuracy.

Iridology is an extremely valuable tool for anyone interested in identifying the root causes of health problems. Iridology can allow you to see disease years before it is medically diagnosed by pinpointing tissue weaknesses which will foretell of future disease conditions in the body.

This 300-year-old science that has been tried and tested throughout history to be extremely accurate in determining tissue weaknesses in the body including:

*The primary nutritional needs of the body.

* Inherent weak organs, glands, and tissues.

* Constitutional strength or weakness.

* What organ is in greatest need of repair and rebuilding.

* Relative amount of toxic settlements in organs and tissues.

* Location and stages of tissue inflammation, whether: acute, sub-acute, chronic, or degenerative.

* Under-activity or sluggishness of the bowel.

* Spastic conditions or ballooning of the bowel.

* Prolapse of the transverse colon.

* Nervous condition or inflammation of the bowel.

* High risk tissue areas in the body that may lead to disease.

* Circulation level in various organs.

* Nerve force and nerve depletion.

* Hyper-activity or hypo-activity of organs.

* Lymphatic system congestion.

* Poor absorption and assimilation of nutrients.

* Buildup of cholesterol and inorganic salts.

* Results of physical or mental fatigue or stress.

* Need for rest to build up immunity, adrenals.

* Tissue areas contributing to suppressed or buried symptoms.

* Buildup of toxic material before the manifestation of disease.

* Recuperative ability and the level of health of the body.

* Pre-clinical stages of cardiovascular and other diseases.

* Healing signs indicating an increase of strength in any organ.

* Acidity of the body, tendency toward arthritis.

* Healthy balance of HCL (acid) in the stomach.

* Suppression of, or catarrh (mucous) development.

* Adrenal exhaustion, which may indicate low blood pressure.

* Response to treatment; how well the body is healing and more…

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