Our Vision

“Our mission at the Biosis Healthcare Center is to help our patients restore their health with safe, proven, natural therapies that allow them to eliminate prescription drugs and avoid surgery”

ourvisionBio­sis Health­care pas­sion­ately believes in the right of Cana­di­an’s free­dom to choose there own form of health­care.

We believe in the use of safe, non-toxic, drug-free, nat­ural med­i­cines to restore health

We believe in iden­ti­fy­ing the true under­ly­ing cause of every ill­ness and ail­ment and address­ing it at the root cause rather than just treat­ing the symptoms.

We believe in restor­ing health by using proper nutri­tion, vit­a­mins, min­er­als, herbs, homeopathic medicines, enzymes and other nat­ural ther­a­pies that sup­port the body on its jour­ney back to health.

We believe in spreading awareness about the true cause of disease and its prevention.

“Nutrition is the master healing science. All else is mere remedy at best. Nutrition necessitates lifestyle change, while other methods, effective as they may seem, are temporary if nutritional changes are neglected. We cannot hope to get well by taking medication and consuming junk food… all other therapeutic disciplines are secondary to nutrition… Nutrition is the Master Science and stands above all other sciences in the healing arts.”                        -Dr. Bernard Jensen”