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Lab Assessment Services  linksThe Darkfield examination is particularly suitable for the evaluation of patients experiencing chronic diseases, recurring bacterial problems, Candida and other fungal problems and children who are prone to infections. It can also provide answers to questions concerning chronic toxicity (e.g. amalgam disturbances).

By studying the shape and functioning of red blood cells, white blood cells, and the presence of metabolic by-products and pathogenic micro-organisms, Darkfield Microscopy allows the Practitioner to evaluate the health of someone’s “terrain”.

What is Live Blood Cell Analysis?

Live Blood Cell Analysis is performed only by Certified Practitioners using a method called Darkfield Microscopy. The method originates in Germany and it is frequently used by both mainstream and alternative doctors in Europe. Greatly because of the work of pioneering Canadian scientist Gaston Naessens, Darkfield Microscopy is gaining more popularity with holistically-minded health practitioners throughout North America.

The procedure consists of taking one drop of blood from the client’s finger and placing the sample immediately under the microscope. The actual collection takes approximately 1-2 seconds and it is regarded by most people as being pain free.

In Darkfield Microscopy, we observe the live blood cells magnified 1,500 times and displayed on a video screen. What we see are the usual red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and what is floating in the plasma: microbes, parasites, undigested food, fungi, and crystals.

What Types of Problems Can Live Blood Cell Analysis Detect?

• Parasites/Bacteria

• Fungal infestation/Yeast/Candida

• Digestive insufficiency

• Nutritional deficiencies: B vitamin deficiency, Iron deficiency

• Hormonal imbalances

• Dehydration

• Liver or bowel toxicity

• Immune system function

• Free radical damage

• Allergic tendencies

• Uric acid crystal accumulation and risk for gout

• Kidney function

• Heavy metal toxicity

• Atherosclerotic plaque; early recognition of cardiovascular risk factors

• Poor circulation, oxygenation level and abnormal blood clotting

Darkfield Microscopy allows the Practitioner to evaluate the health of someone’s “terrain”. If you have any other questions regarding live cell analysis or require more information contact us at the clinic or simply call to reserve your appointment today!