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Darko J. Prce D.N.M. M.Sc. CNP RNCP ROHP
Doctor of Natural Medicine
Certified and Registered Nutritionist
Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner



Darko is emerging as one of the healthcare field’s top holistic practitioners. He holds a Doctorate in Natural Medicine, a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and was awarded the Certificate of Excellence from Dr. Bernard Jensen D.C., Ph.D. in the field of Iridology, Nutrition and Holistic Healing. He also holds an accreditation in public speaking and communications from the National Institute of Broadcasting.

Darko has studied and worked in the field of nutrition and alternative medicine for the past 20 years, in addition to creating and authoring several professional courses in the nutritional sciences. He has been a faculty member at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition over the past 15 years where he has taught the following courses in nutrition and alternative medicine:

• Nutrition and Health: The Fundamentals
• Comparative Diets
• Nutritional Pathology
• Nutritional Supplementation in Practice
• Clinical Detoxification
• Clinical Iridology in Professional Practice
• Clinical Nutrition in Professional Practice

The Institute of Holistic Nutrition
18 Wynford Drive, Suite 514
Toronto, Ontario, M3C 3S2
Tel: (416) 386-0940


The following is a brief description of classes taught by Darko at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.

Nutrition and Health: The Fundamentals – 49 class hours

This course is an introduction to the principles of nutrition as they relates to health and prevention of disease. This course provides a framework for the study of the basics of nutrition including; micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), the energy-yielding nutrients (Carbohydrates, Lipids and Proteins), metabolism, digestion, absorption and energy balance. This course will also look at lipids in detail including their functions, classification, dietary requirements, digestion & absorption, metabolism and links to the major fatal diseases, heart disease and cancer.

Comparative Diets – 28 class hours

This course provides information about the holistic principles of food dynamics and their application for optimal health and well-being. Students learn and assess the many therapeutic benefits and limitations of several alternative diet approaches including; low-fat diets (Pritikin and Ornish), high protein diets (Dr. Atkins, Protein Power, Zone, and Carbohydrate Addict), Glycemic Index and longevity diets (Macrobiotics, Okinawa).  Various vegetarian plans are discussed with an emphasis on understanding protein complementation and Natural Hygiene diets (Hippocrates, Fruitarian, and Juicing). The course will also address general cleansing diets for caffeine, alcohol and nicotine detoxing. With the knowledge gained in this course students will be able to evaluate and design customized health-  promoting diets and lifestyle programs for any individual.

Nutritional Pathology – 28 class hours

This course provides a thorough understanding in the study of the traits, causes and effects of disease, as seen in the structure and workings of the Human body. The course will focus on the several body systems, including; the etiology of various disease states and effective recognition of the various nutritional factors involved with the disease process. Pathology and symptomatology of various conditions that will be covered include those that affect the digestive, gastrointestinal, respiratory, urinary, endocrine, reproductive, cardiovascular, musculo-skeletal, immune and nervous systems. Students will also learn proper terminology involved in identifying various disease conditions.

Nutritional Supplementation in Practice – 24.5 class hours

Discover the dynamic and emerging role of Nutritional Supplementation in Natural Healing. This course is designed for Nutritional Practitioners and individuals interested in increasing their knowledge base within the growing popularity of Nutritional supplementation. This course will include detailed profiles of all major nutritional supplements including glandular extracts. Participants will be provided with specific nutritional supplementation protocols for many chronic and acute conditions including;  high cholesterol, fatigue, depression, arthritis, heart disease, allergies, multiple sclerosis, obesity, and immune deficiencies. The healing properties of each supplement and what health conditions each supplement can improve and/or heal will be covered thoroughly.  Protocols will include recommendations for usage and dosage, interrelationships and interactions with other nutrients and prescription drug-contraindications. Participants will learn which drugs can deplete the body’s essential nutrients, which supplements can reduce drug side effects and contraindications of herbs and drugs.

Clinical Detoxification – 24.5 class hours

This course is designed for health practitioners to gain a greater understanding on how to effectively reverse the process of disease without suppression. Learn exactly what nutrients are needed to support an individual’s nutritional needs during hepatic detoxification. This course will focus on hepatic detoxification and the liver’s central role in optimum health. By attending this course, your clinical results will be significantly enhanced. Participants will also be provided with a number of nutritional programs and specific protocols for various chronic and acute conditions that can be immediately incorporated into your practice. This workshop provides valuable information for any practitioner interested in attaining maximum results with their clients in clinical practice.

Clinical Iridology in Professional Practice – 63 class hours

The eye connects to every part of the body via the brain and nervous system. Iridology is the analysis of the iris to determine genetic and inherent weaknesses, strengths and toxicities within the body. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of eye analysis, intestinal, circulatory, immune, respiratory, nervous, urinary, glandular and structural systems. Hands-on eye analysis along with the expert professional advice to confidently recommend nutritional and lifestyle protocols to support nutritional weaknesses in chronic disease conditions commonly found in today’s practice will thoroughly be covered.

Clinical Nutrition in Professional Practice -31.5 class hours

Learn to practice properly. Learn “by which mechanism” diseases are built. Build your practice on a firm foundation that will continue to grow into a healthy, fulfilling and life-changing experience. Dr. Bernard Jensen helped over 350,000 people with their health throughout his career and cured himself of cancer at the age of 85. Learn to replicate this brilliant man’s practice. Learn from one of the field’s top Nutritionists and a former Jensen student. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Course objective:  To teach Nutritionists and all allied healthcare professionals wishing to be the best in the field, how to start and run a successful nutritional practice.  Learn how to conduct an intelligent nutritional assessment.  Discover the secrets to proper research and development techniques.  Learn to develop and prepare protocols that address “by which mechanism”. Discover how to efficiently conduct a nutritional assessment and complete a professional nutritional protocol including, how to present it to a client in a professional and extremely effective manner.

Take the guesswork out of professional practice, learn to use these skills in a thriving practice and help people desperate for a better form of health care. Gain valuable hands-on experience by learning how to practice the most effective way possible.  Receive expert professional advice on how to confidently recommend nutritional and lifestyle protocols to support nutritional weaknesses in chronic disease conditions commonly found in today’s practice will thoroughly be covered

Please note: all classes by Darko are currently suspended until further notice.*

Currently we are taking a long needed hiatus from teaching after 15 years and close to 4,000 hours of classroom presentation time and teaching.

We will be once again teaching these classes in the near future. Those interested in attending any of the classes listed can contact us to put their name, telephone number and e-mail on a mailing list for future courses when they are available.

Thank you for your continued support and see you again soon!