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“Mini-Consult” Medical Symptoms Questionnaire

Your Personalized Health Assessment

nutritionalWelcome to Biosis Health Assessment “Medical Symptoms Questionnaire“(MSQ) and congratulations on taking the initiative to assess your Health Quotient. Begin your assessment by reading all the following information.

About the Health Quotient:

The Health Quotient is a standardized score that measures an individual’s overall state of wellness based on seven key determinants: general habits, genetics, nutrition, exercise, environmental health, emotional health and attitude.

The score is obtained by asking a series of questions related to several determinants, giving subjects several scores from which to choose. Each answer has been assigned a numerical value according to how closely it correlates to the principles and truths of optimal health: e.g., the answer indicative of the most healthy possible outcome will have the lowest value; the answer indicative of the least healthy possible outcome will have the highest value.

Why Take the HQ Assessment:

The single biggest reason you should consider investing 10 minutes to determine your Health Quotient is because your health is one of your most important assets. It is critical to the success of your relationships, career, and recreational time, and for some it will determine the quality and enjoyment of their retirement.

Success in any facet of life requires a benchmark or a measurement. Athletes measure their performance through playing statistics, politician measure their popularity through polls, and business owners measure their corporate performance by their bottom line. In the same way, people serious about their health measure their HQ.

Make the decision to assess your HQ. It’s the first step to determining your health and helping our team of practitioners to provide you with a health improvement strategy.

Benefits of Taking the HQ Assessment:

  • It will increase your awareness of significant areas of your life that make up your overall health condition.
  • It will help you discover answers to your top health concerns and help educate you in the critical issues affecting your health.
  • It comes with Biosis Healthcare’s professional personalized coaching, offering you practical advice on which vitamins, minerals, herbs and other natural remedies are exactly right for your needs to achieve optimal health based on your results.
  • It gives you valuable insight on your current level of health and provides powerful tools for making positive changes to stay healthy and prevent chronic degenerative diseases such as hypertension, cholesterol, cancer, diabetes and others.
  • It gives you objective scores for each question. Based on your follow-up assessment which is recommended every few months; the scoring measurements will indicate where you gained points and which health issues still need attention- a powerful awakening tool to show how and where immediate action can be taken before you get sick!.

You can update your score in order to reassess your HQ three months later and view a comparative analysis indicating where you have progressed in each of the areas and obtain your overall goal.

Why Should I Retake the HQ Assessment?

Because a person’s health can progress or regress in a short period of time, the HQ Assessment should be retaken every three months so that you remain aware of your current status and re-address any health issues before it turns into a serious disease. We at Biosis recommend that you assess your HQ every three months, this will allow you to view the comparative results on a micro or macro level.

How much time should I allow myself to take the HQ Assessment?

The assessment has 15 sections covering the 71 questions most critical to your health. Each question will take an average of a few seconds to answer, or approximately 10 minutes in total.

Procedures on How to Effectively Take the HQ Assessment:

Take the HQ Assessment when you are relaxed, not rushed, and free from stress or anxiety. Choose a time when you feel grounded, in a good state of mind and able to concentrate.

Begin the Assessment at the beginning and move through the questions in order. If you come to a question that you do not understand or for which you would like more elaboration, contact us for assistance. Or If you are unsure of your answer for any particular question, leave it and come back to it when you finish the rest of the HQ Assessment. If you still cannot answer the question, ask someone who knows you and your lifestyle well for help.

Answer Your Questions Honestly:

For you to obtain an accurate HQ assessment, you must be completely honest with yourself. The HQ was developed for you. Nobody else has to see your results if you so choose, so answer each question as truthfully as you can. We recommend having your spouse or a person you trust conduct the Assessment with you. Though you would have to feel comfortable with the other person knowing your results, it is a valuable experience for ensuring your scoring is as accurate as possible.

Your Follow-up Results Report:

The personalized, confidential follow-up results report was designed to provide a comparative analysis of your new score from your second time doing the HQ. The comparative analysis will show you in which of the categories that make up optimal health you have progressed in and which may still need attention.

There is a common denominator among people who achieve their goals: they measure progress. As you make it your goal to become a healthier person, measure your progress through the use of this archive.

What Next After I Take the HQ Assessment:

Achieving optimal health is an unending journey. When you have completed your HQ Assessment, send it in with your Practitioner $39.99 Assessment Fee; we will send you your results with recommendations on which health promoting vitamins, minerals, herbs and other natural remedies are optimal for you based on your results.

What You Get after You Send in Your Completed Results

Your $39.99 Mini-Consult Health Assessment Protocol includes:

  • Administration and processing of your health assessment
  • A comprehensive review of your health assessment by one of our qualified health care practitioners
  • Discover your health quotient results and how you scored along with a complete printed explanation of what your results mean and what to do to improve them.
  • Expert advice on which vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other natural remedies are exactly right for you based on your results provided in an easy-to-follow supplement protocol chart.
  • Complete monograph of each supplement recommendation fully referenced by the most current scientific data available for your peace of mind.
  • Diet and lifestyle recommendations that will ensure you succeed in reaching your goal and maintain optimal health.

You also get as an online bonus the following valuable information to ensure your success on your journey back to health:

  • A “Healthy Food Substitution Chart” making it easy to follow a healthier diet and lifestyle. It includes foods that are not recommended and disease building foods and those that are recommended and are healing foods.
  • A detailed handy “Grocery Shopping List Checklist” outlining exactly which foods you should be purchasing in which to avoid for better health.
  • A comprehensive “Food and Drinks to Avoid” handout to make it easier to make those wise choices that will lead to better health today, tomorrow and the future.

Here Is Your Next Step

Join the thousands who now live healthier and happier lives –To start your 10 minute Mini-Consult “Medical Symptoms Questionnaire” and find out your health quotient click here and fill out the questions. Once completed, to get your Personalized Mini-Consult Health Assessment Protocol please fax, scan / e-mail your results along with your Practitioner $39.99 Assessment Fee to:

clinic: 416 519-7599
fax: 416 551-7515

For more information; if you have any questions or need assistance please contact us, we would be happy to help with any support you may need.